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Building construction enclosure characteristics
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Shield attributes: mainly assembled fences and gates, masonry enclosures and gates, profiled enclosures and construction practices and content.
Use method of enclosure: Construction site construction enclosure is an important part of safe and civilized construction. In addition to providing protection for construction site management and property safety, the enclosure also has the function of beautifying the internal and external environment of construction.
Characteristics of the enclosure: The enclosure not only represents the image of the construction unit and the construction unit, but also reflects the development of a city construction project and the development level of the construction industry. It also directly affects the living environment of the residents and the city.
Precautions for the enclosure: The image of the enclosure has a subtle influence, guidance and direction for the safety and civilization awareness of managers and workers involved in all aspects of engineering construction.