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FAQs for Sun Shade Sails
- Jan 22, 2019 -

1. Can I install the Shade Sail Canopy by myself and how long would it take?

This depends on the site, but in general two people could install a single Shade Sail in a couple of hours if the attachment points are already in place.

2. What do you fasten Shade Sails to?

Shade Sails are easily attached to structures that provide a good firm fixing.

This could be the wall of a house, a well built pergola, or wooden or metal posts concreted into the ground.

For a temporary installation you can fasten them to trees or strong climbing frames.

Joyeyou also supply for the installation hardware kits for sun shade sail.

3. What are the Sun Shade Sail used for?

They are designed to provide shade and shelter from the sun’s harmful rays.

The sail cuts up to 90% of harmful UV rays and provides 15-20 degree temperature reduction - and a pleasant area to enjoy the outdoors.

They are used by both residential and commercial applications to provide shade and a visually striking appearance. They can also provide privacy for patios and decks.

4. Are they 100% waterproof?

Shade sails are designed to let the hot air out from under and allow wind to pass through so they are not 100% fully waterproof.

5. How long should I keep the sail up?

Because the sails are UV stabilized and are very well constructed , the sails can be left in place and only taken down when extreme bad weather is forecasted.

Each sail shade comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Please note that the warranty is not covered by damage caused by storms, hailstorm, hurricanes, fire, lightening, or damage done by birds, other animals or any form of vandalism or misuse.

6. How do I clean them?

A hose and soft brush is all that is recommended to clean your sail.

Do not use a high pressure water device to clean your Shade Sails as it can damage the sails.

Please note that harsh chemicals like bleach, or other chemicals containing sulphur, chlorine, and bromine can damage your sails by attacking the UV stabilisers within the sail shade, which can reduce the life of the product.
       The Joyeyou Shade Sails come in a Triangle, Square and Right Angle shape.

Custom shapes can be made

8. Do these shades protect from UV rays?

These shades are very effective at blocking Up to 90% of the harmful UV rays from the sun.

9. Do we need permits to install these shades?

Planning permission is not normally necessary to erect these shades at a residence if the attachment points are already in place.

If poles need to be installed, a call to your city permit department can confirm your specific requirements.

For commercial installations, permits are normally required.

10. Do you do other sizes?

We can arrange a quote for custom sized Shade Sails.

All you need to do is provide dimensions and shape and we can provide a custom quote.

For multi-sail commercial installations, we recommend you request our design service.

Custom Shade Sails also have additional color options


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