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How to choose a shade sail
- Jul 06, 2018 -

The most important thing to choose for the shade sail is to choose the shade cloth. The texture of the shade cloth must be strong and strong enough, the strength is large enough, and the UV protection is high. Shade sails need to be used outdoors all the year round. They need to have sufficient air permeability and toughness when they are exposed to the sun. Most shade sails are broken from the corners.
Secondly, the aesthetics of the shade sail is also very important. After all, the aesthetic needs of the people are also satisfied. The common shape of the shade sail is triangle or square or rectangular. It is more regular and the color is mainly related to the overall housing and User's personal preference. Ruby red, blue shade sails, etc. are more popular.
Last but not least, the components of the shade sail, the components are generally more and more elaborate, and the installation of the shade sail is also a delicate activity.