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How to identify HDPE recycled material and virgin material?
- Jan 20, 2019 -

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·   Smell:      The virgin material fabric is no smell, while you are close to 1 feet away. The recycled material has a very strong scorched smell, while you close to smell.

·   Color:       The virgin material could made all kinds of bright and fresh color, specially the crystal. but the recycled material could just make the black and dark color.

·   Surface:   The surface of virgin material is smooth and glossy but the recycled is dark, lackluster and rough,impure.

·   Durable:    The weathering resistance of the recycled material is very poor, and it will be damaged in the hot sun for less than 6-12 month. The virgin material has a good performance in sun shine. It could use at least 3-5 years. 

Recycled material damage- Joyeyou.jpg

NO Recycling Plastic, NO Harm.

·   The Sun Shade Sail made of Recycled materials would give off harmful gas under the Sun Shine.

·   The main components of recycled materials are bottle caps, chemical plastic buckets, medical infusion pipes and other second-hand plastic,

·   The recycled plastic contains a large number of harmful substances.

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