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Why we choose the HDPE Polymer Material for Sun Shade Sails?
- Jan 20, 2019 -
    HDPE Polymer Material   

Why we choose the HDPE Polymer Material for Sun Shade Sails?

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· We,Joyeyou are a Manufacturer, focus on research the fabric, have been working on woven the fabric for 20+ years, specially for field of sunshine shelter. There are a strong sunshine and windy in Australia, the Midwestern United.

·  We tried to use oxford clothnon-woven fabricscotton fabrics and other fabrics to cover the sun. but they were quickly torn by the strong sunlight . After we used the polymer material HDPE, the tearing was greatly relieved.

·  HDPE is an excellent weather-resistant material. People use it as a water pipe of drinking water and bury it underground. It will be used for 50 years.

·   We made HDPE into sun shade sail. This material of shade cloth can be used in outdoors for 5 years and may be used longer in the eastern United States. This shade sail is ventilated, Breathable fabric, so it is not blown down by the wind and stronger than the garden umbrella. The canopy sail is completely rainproof by installing properly. More importantly, it is very save trouble. You don’t even need to clean him. The rain will help you clean up.

·         Suggestion: the friends of dislike plastics don't use him. From the current point of view, HDPE is an only woven material that can be used outdoors for more than 3 year. But we are always looking for better and more durable materials!

 Joyeyou is a professinoal Sun Shade Sail Manufacturer. 

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