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1x40'HQ Hexagon Mesh Vineyard Bird Netting Shipped To USA
- Feb 09, 2019 -

Hexagon Mesh Hail Netting, Bird Netting for Kiwi Fruit Shipping

Golden-kiwi-fruit Joyeyou.jpg

Bird Netting for Kiwi Shipped

Shipped 1x40'HQ Hexagon Hexagon mesh

Kiwi fruit orchard hail netting for USA Customer

Thanks for customers' Trust


      Process of Loading      
Hexagon Bird Netting Details.JPG

Hexagon Bird Netting Details

Hexagon Bird Netting Weaving - Joyeyou.JPG

Hexagon Bird Netting Weaving 

Hexagon Net Loading - Joyeyou (2).jpg

Hexagon Net Loading 

Joyeyou Vineyard Bird Netting for Kiwi.jpg

Orchard Bird Netting

Joyeyou bird netting orchard.jpg

Vineyard Bird Netting

Joyeyou Kiwi Netting.jpg

Kiwi Netting


◎   Joyeyou is a Professional Raschel Netting Manufacturer. 

◎   We,  Use 100% Pure Virgin HDPE as Raw Material!

◎   Welcome to browse our website: www.joyeyou.com

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