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Selection And Installation Of The Frame Of The Basketball Court Fence
- Jul 06, 2018 -

The basketball court fence structure is divided into two parts, which are part of the main part of the mesh surface. It is a plastic fence product made of plastic coated woven bag, which can play a blocking role. The other part is the frame part of the fixed guardrail, which is made of steel pipe. The connection of the basketball court and the guardrail to prevent the basketball from flying off the venue and avoid flying the basketball during the game.
The basketball court fence frame material can be divided into welded steel pipe and galvanized pipe. According to the different corrosion forms of the material, the best galvanized pipe is selected, and the best spray welded pipe is selected. Antiseptic treatment.
The installation method of the basketball court fence is not good or bad. The basketball court fence installation option is based on the actual selection, so the customer must choose to install the basketball court according to their own installation, and fencing the ground.