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Shading Net Covers The Benefits Of Vegetable Cultivation
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Plastic sunshade nets are also called shade nets, shade nets, shade nets, cold yarns or cool yarns. Its products are mainly made of polyolefin resin as raw material, adding anti-aging agent and various color materials, and melting, weaving and weaving into a lightweight, high-strength, anti-aging new mesh agricultural plastic covering material. The color of the shade net is black, silver gray, white, light green, blue, yellow and black, and silver and gray. Silver gray nets and black nets are used in production.

The silver-gray net has good light transmission, and has the functions of avoiding mites and preventing virus diseases. It is suitable for covering early summer, early autumn and high-lighting vegetables. The shading effect of different specifications of shading nets is also different. . When splicing a narrow web, use nylon thread stitching. Do not use cotton thread or commercially available plastic rope to prevent breakage due to aging during use.