• Agri Crop Covers

    Agri Crop Covers

    Agri Crop Covers protects against cold temperature, frost, wind, harmful insects, and birds. Ideal for packing out earlier or later-Fall) quality produce. This fabric has remarkable tear resistance and is U.V. stabilized. Allows up to 90% of the light to reach the crops,...Read More
  • Canopy SunShine Shelter

    Canopy SunShine Shelter

    SunShine Shelterprotect and shade you from the severe effects of the sun's heavy & UV rays. They make a beautiful additions to your patio, backyard, or other outdoor areas. We supply the sunshine shelter products are as followed: ●Shade Sail ●Shade Cloth ●Canopy Sun...Read More
  • Construction Protection Screen

    Construction Protection Screen

    Construction Protection Screen provide resistance to temperature changes, moisture, abrasion and high winds, and can also be meaningful in terms of providing fire retardant protection which increases safety on the job site. In some cases, large construction tarps and large...Read More
  • Aritificial Hedge Mat

    Aritificial Hedge Mat

    artificial hedges material is made from a blend of high quality PE that has the UV protection impregnated directly into the resin for maximum life before fading. Less expensive plastic hedge material has the sun protection sprayed on and this has the tendency to wash off or...Read More
  • Privacy Fence Screen

    Privacy Fence Screen

    Fence Screen is ideal for commercial and residential fences needing a combination of privacy, air flow. The Fence Screen is the most economical solution to provide the privacy you need and a clean look for any fence area, construction site, special event, back yard, or fence...Read More
  • Garden Accessaries Clips

    Garden Accessaries Clips

    Weoffers a complete range of plastic fasteners and connectors that are suitable for poly, energy curtains, nets, screens and shade cloth. The connectors are easy and quick to install and are designed for different applications.Produced from top quality nylon plastic with UV...Read More
  • High Efficiency FDY String Aluminum Foil Insulation Sun Shade Curtain With PET Film

    High Efficiency FDY String Aluminum Foil Insulation Sun Shade Curtain With PET Film

    Joyeyou Aluminum insulation curtain shading made of 4mm wide by high strength polyester yarn(FDY)woven, knitted structures special prompted the sufficient water vapor through the curtain, prevent the lower sunshade curtain down, light resources can be used as far as possible....Read More
  • Aluminum Foil Shade Netting

    Aluminum Foil Shade Netting

    Applications Aluminet shade cloth designed to provide both ventilation and shading for plants, the Solar Exterior Reflective Shade is an open-structure screen solution for effective greenhouse cooling. With a variety of shade densities available, and able to be attached to...Read More
  • Black & White PE Foil Reflect Shade Net

    Black & White PE Foil Reflect Shade Net

    Feature ALUMINET shade cloth reflects out the unwanted radiation and heat during the day. During cooler temperatures, it preserves the heat inside the greenhouse. The open structure of the screen creates a cooler climate, making it excellent for use in humidity conditions....Read More
  • Reflective Aluminum Foil Insulation Sunscreen

    Reflective Aluminum Foil Insulation Sunscreen

    Product Description Aluminium Foil Shade netting is new high efficient net,with the functions of cool shade,water saving, heat preservation and insulation, prevent condensation dripping. Durable life, multi-functional and easy to fold. It is a high quality aluminum foil...Read More
  • Greenhouse Shade Netting

    Greenhouse Shade Netting

    Shade Cloth (Shade net, Shade netting) is used to provide shade against sunlight and to control temperature. It can also be used to protect flowers, trees against frost, wind and hail damage. It can also used for temporary fencing, packaging applications, greenhouse covering....Read More
  • Garden Shade Netting

    Garden Shade Netting

    About shade net: · Polypropylene or HDPE are used to make shade nets. The shade nets are generally in knitted or woven form. · By property shade-nets are strong, hard-wearing, tear resistant and light in weight. · The standard sizes of nets available are 2, 3, 4 & 8...Read More
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