Sun Shade Sail

Sun Shade Sails protect and shade you from the severe effects of the sun's heavy & UV rays. Some areas of the world call them Sun Sails. They make a beautiful additions to your patio, backyard, or other outdoor areas.

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Joyeyou-Patio Sun Shade Sail Canopy

Sun Shade Sails protect and shade you from the severe effects of the sun's heavy & UV rays.

Some areas of the world call them Sun Sails.

They make a beautiful additions to your patio, backyard, or other outdoor areas.

Flying Sails is the perfect alternative to a traditional pergola, umbrella or covered porch. Floating and curvaceous, the make an attractive addition to any property, and with the right design,

they can enhance the appeal of the entertaining outdoor areas.


- Ideal for Making sunny days more comfortable for people with sensitive skin
- Unique Knit Design with 88% UV Blockage & 12% of Airflow

- With UV resistance 5 years warranty

- Easy to clean with soap and a garden hose

- Dual-band, Reinforced Stitching

- Durable D-rings sewed on each corners

- Light Weight and Easy Storage

                 - Portable, includes carrying bag/box

   HDPE Polymer Material  

Why we choose the HDPE Polymer Material for Sun Shade Sails?

Shade Cloth UV Block Sunshade Fabric-Joyeyou.jpg

·         We are a Manufacturer, focus on research the fabric, have been working on woven the fabric for 20+ years, specially for field of sunshine shelter. There are a strong sunshine and windy in Australia, the Midwestern United.

·         We tried to use oxford clothnon-woven fabricscotton fabrics and other fabrics to cover the sun. but they were quickly torn by the strong sunlight . After we used the polymer material HDPE, the tearing was greatly relieved.

·         HDPE is an excellent weather-resistant material. People use it as a water pipe of drinking water and bury it underground. It will be used for 50 years.

·         We made HDPE into sun shade sail. This material of shade cloth can be used in outdoors for 5 years and may be used longer in the eastern United States. This shade sail is ventilated, Breathable fabric, so it is not blown down by the wind and stronger than the garden umbrella. The canopy sail is completely rainproof by installing properly. More importantly, it is very save trouble. You don’t even need to clean him. The rain will help you clean up.

·         Suggestion: the friends of dislike plastics don't use him. From the current point of view, HDPE is an only woven material that can be used outdoors for more than 3 year. But we are always looking for better and more durable materials!


◎   We Use 100% Pure Virgin HDPE as Raw Material!

Joyeyou 100% Virgin HDPE 2.jpg

How to identify recycled material and virgin material

·   Smell:      The virgin material fabric is no smell, while you are close to 1 feet away. The recycled material has a very strong scorched smell, while you close to smell.

·   Color:       The virgin material could made all kinds of bright and fresh color, specially the crystal. but the recycled material could just make the black and dark color.

·   Surface:   The surface of virgin material is smooth and glossy but the recycled is dark, lackluster and rough,impure.

·   Durable:    The weathering resistance of the recycled material is very poor, and it will be damaged in the hot sun for less than 6-12 month. The virgin material has a good performance in sun shine. It could use at least 3-5 years. 

Recycled material damage- Joyeyou.jpg

      NO Recycling Plastic, NO Harm.

·   The Sun Shade Sail made of Recycled materials would give off harmful gas under the Sun Shine.

·   The main components of recycled materials are bottle caps, chemical plastic buckets, medical infusion pipes and other second-hand plastic,

·   The recycled plastic contains a large number of harmful substances.


fabric details.jpg

1.   Polymer Resin Extruded to yarns , Yarn Knitted to Netting Fabric

·   Mesh cloth can offer 95% Shading ratio and more than 90% UV block ( UVA and UVB)

·   The Breathable Fabric could offer 12% of Airflow, reduce wind resistance and keep cool.

·   There PE Tape Material and specialised lockstich knit make the water go out along the knitted chains while it rains, So it is waterproof.

·   Specialised lockstitch knit creates raised air channels which catch and pull air underneath while providing the ultimate in strength and durability

Sewing and Band.jpg

2.   200% Strengthen Sewing and Band

·   The angle of shade sail is the force point. The force is at least 60 lb.

·   Full edge webbing make the sail more Durable

·   In the 8 stormy weather, the angle of the shade sail may be borne over 300 lb.

·   We use outdoor special sewing thread with good weatherability.

·   The edge of our sun sail is always parallel, like two tracks.


3.  100% Quality Control

·   Normal Size: The sun sail is not force, and the tolerance of the side length is ±2%.

·   Installation Size: After installation, the tolerance of the side sail is 0%-5%.

·   8 tests to guarantee quality 

        1.Size test                     2.Cloth inspection          3.Weight test             4.Sewing inspection 

        5.weatherability test   6.outer inspection          7.Tension test            8.Packaging test )

Car Parking.jpg

Car Parking





playground shades and shelters.jpg


Shade Sail  Swimming Pool -Joyeyou.jpg

Swimming Pool



Shade Sail Patio -Joyeyou.jpg


Shade Sail Catering-Joyeyou.jpg




Joyeyou- Sun Shade Sail Detail

      Our Service      

(1)         We offer good quality and delivery time with very good package

(2)         All of our sun shade sail is color box package instead of PVC bag

(3)         Good package help customer to get good sales, we could offer package design for free.

(4)         Samples will be sent for customers’ approval. Then arrange the mass production.

(5)         Delivery time assured because of the effective management  and schedule.

(6)         Before packing, our QC will inspect the product. And inspection report will be checked by responsible sales.

(7)         Customized shipping mark, label and installation sheet can be avaible.

(8)         Before shipment, product pictures, loading pictures into container will be taken. 

    Patent Design Package   

Joyeyou SHADE SAIL package design_副本

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Product Name: 

Sun Shade Sail

 Material   Composition: 

100% Pure Virgin HDPE knitted with UV   Stablizer and No fillers

Material Break Strength: 

750 lbs. per ft.

Material Weight: 

185g/m2 and 325 g/m2   Ø5 x 40mm (4x or 3x)

Crystaline Melt Point: 

133° C

Composition of UV Inhibitor: 

1.5% Chimassorb  / 0.5% Tinuvin

Flamability Point: 

364° C

Shade / Wind Blockage: 


UV Blockage: 



5 Years


Joyeyou Available

      Method of Manufacture      

Premium Sewing Threads.png

Premium Sewing Threads

Computer Fabric Plotting and Cutting- Joyeyou 800x.jpg

Computer Plotting and Cutting

Sewing on Industry Machine.jpg

Sewing on Industrial Machines

A001 Shade Rate Test.jpg

Shade Rate

A002 Fabric thickness comparison - Joyeyou.jpg

Fabric Thickness

A003 Fabric Surface Comparsion-Joyeyou.png

Fabric Surface

A005 304 stainless D Ring.jpg

Corner D Ring

Double band Layer on the corner.jpg

Shade Sail Webbing

A006 Full Band Sewing.jpg

Full Edge Band Sewing


Joyeyou- Shade Sail Installation -1

Joyeyou- Shade Sail Installation -2

Joyeyou- Shade Sail Installation -3

      Package & Delivery      

All Your Goods Will be Carefully Packaged

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